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RoSPA Advanced Car Test

As a new member wishing to receive practical training you will be assigned to one of the group's tutors. You will both agree a convenient training session, usually weekly or fortnightly lasting for 1-2 hours.

You will use your own vehicle to receive training and the tutors will give you guidance and advice. The sessions are free. The group is fully aware that everybody learns at a different pace and a training programme will be developed that best suits you.

The theory is on a self study basis and you will need a copy of 'Roadcraft' and the Highway Code for reference.

roadcraft book highway code book

'Roadcraft' can be bought from most book stores or online stores, have a look at Desktopdriving

Here is some information about the book Summary

The Official Highway Code is also available from the same places as Roadcraft.


There is an online version of the Highway Code Online Highway Code

There is also an online version of Know Your Traffic Signs Know Your Traffic Signs

Your Tutor can supply you with a copy of the Roadcraft Video,on a loan basis.

The RoSPA Advanced Driving Test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public.

The test itself includes a drive lasting about one hour over a route covering a wide variety of traffic conditions.

At the end of the drive, the candidate should be asked questions on the Highway Code, Roadcraft, motoring matters and basic car maintenance (the owner's handbook should provide enough information for this part).

The Examiner will discuss the test with the candidate in detail and inform him of the grade achieved. This discussion should be a two-way process and the candidate should be encouraged to take advantage of his 'captive' examiner by asking questions about driving, the law etc.

A commentary is not essential and its absence is not a reason for downgrading. However, commentaries by candidates are encouraged.

A RoSPA "Gold" pass is the highest civilian driving standard available and the holder will be a master of his or her art. All our examiners will have had considerable experience of many types of vehicle at Police Advanced level and many are or have been Police Driving Instructors.

Because we want you to maintain the highest standard we ask that you retake the test every three years. Immediately on completion of the test the candidate is awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze pass.

In the unlikely event of a fail then the test can be retaken free of charge. All candidates receive a comprehensive written report on all aspects of their test


This award will be given only to a real polished driver who knows and follows the Roadcraft system consistently and instils complete confidence in ability over the whole test, the performance being as good at the end as at the beginning.

The Gold award is believed to be recognised as the highest standard of driving test pass available to the public. The holder will be the sort of person to whom the Examiner will feel he could lend his own car and whom he may even allow to drive his own family- in his absence. Such a person should have the potential to do well on a police advanced driving course with the basics already in place.


Between the Gold and Bronze level will lay many candidates. These will be drivers of well above average ability but without the final polish and smoothness seen in Gold candidates. Possible slips could be failure to observe far enough ahead, lack of confidence, inadequate cornering lines or some unsystematic driving.


The Candidate should be above the standard required to pass the 'DSA' L test, with a knowledge of Roadcraft, although perhaps neither the experience nor the ability to apply the system consistently. The Candidate must be entirely safe, observing all traffic signs and traffic regulations whilst responding to hazards. The Candidate must carry out some pre-driving checks and know why certain actions are expected, for example positioning for a left hand bend. This is the basis of a Test Pass.

Once you have completed the Advanced Test you will automatically become a Member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders. Membership is subject to an annual fee and a re-test every three years (this is free of charge to members, however, re-test fees are applicable should you miss your re-test date for any reason).

To remain a group member an annual fee of 12 is also payable.