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highway code

The Official Highway Code - not just for learners. For over 75 years The Highway Code has been the official guide to using the roads safely and legally. Every day people are killed and many are seriously injured in road collisions. It is as important that all road users, including drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians, should update their knowledge of The Highway Code.

There is an online version of the Highway Code Online Highway Code

The Highway Code was revised in 2007 and became

There are 29 more rules than before.

A new section on rules for users of powered wheelchairs and powered scooters. Rules 36-46, 220 & 253.

A Safety Code for New Drivers, giving advice to help newly qualified drivers get through the first twelve months after passing the driving test, when they are most vulnerable, as safely as possible. Pages 127, 133-134

New legislation that has been introduced on subjects such as vehicle emissions and smoking in vehicles that are workplaces. Rules 123 & 148, Page 128.

New stopping/directing powers that have been given to VOSA Officers and Highways Agency Traffic Officers. Rules 107 & 108.

New road initiatives of which people might not be aware (High occupancy vehicle lanes, Rules 142 & Page112.

Home Zones and Quiet Lanes, Active Traffic Management Schemes). Rules 206, 218 & 269.

More emphasis has been placed throughout the Code with regard to courtesy, attitude, awareness, and consideration of other road users, particularly those more vulnerable. Elsewhere in the code, existing advice has been increased, rewritten or enhanced to make things much clearer for all road users on how they should act or react in a variety of situations.

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