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South East Essex Drivers provide Advanced Driver Training.

Passed your test, now learn how to drive!

Whatever the weather, whatever the conditions, know you are in control.

An Advanced driver is equipped with the knowledge and skill to drive safely and effectively in all conditions.

Essex Map Our aim is to reduce road collisions by encouraging an interest in road safety, by improving driving standards, knowledge and skill. In order to do this South East Essex Advanced Drivers will provide free training to help you improve your driving skills and prepare you to take the ultimate Advanced Driving Test. There is a "Test Fee" and a small subscription to the Group. See About Us

All of our tutors and committee members are volunteers. All training that we provide via our tutors is free.

  • Safer and less stressful driving
  • Savings on fuel, tyres and vehicle wear & tear
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Recognition of your driving skills

Every day in the UK, 23 young people, under the age of 25, are killed or seriously injured in vehicles. Most of these collisions are caused by driver error.

Do you know a driver aged 18 - 25? Let them know about us and let's reduce this figure.

Driving a car may be one of the most dangerous things that you will have to do in any one day, let's tackle this together and increase our safety on today's roads.

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The System of Car Control is based on the Police System of Driving.
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picture of the system of car control